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Historic News – The Advocate 26 October 1894

The Kyabram Union and Rodney Shire Advocate Fri 26 Oct 1894 SHEPPARTON SHOW.

The morning of the Shepparton seventeenth annual exhibition was ushered in with glorious weather. An early summer sun shining delightfully in a cloudless sky seemed to portend an enjoyable and perfect day, though the oppressive atmosphere would seem, to the pessimist to be filled with dull forebodings. It was just the kind of day to have an exhilarating influence on all those who resolved to have an outing and to induce the lethargic to join in the throng who for that day at least were bent upon di-verting their minds from every-day care. The five thousand people who had assembled the show ground on Wednesday came from every point of the compass and in all sorts of conveyances.

About 10 o’clock the streets of Shepparton presented a busy appearance as buggy after buggy rolled in from the sur rounding country, while train after train unloaded its over-burden at the station. The crowds wending their way towards the gate kept the gatekeepers in a state of pleasure-able excitement for some time, and at length united in one grand concourse on the show ground, making an assemblage larger than any that had ever previously come together there. The pretty little ground appeared in a delectable aspect–vernal and kempt. The green soft grass formed a luxurious carpet for the sightseers, and evident appreciation was depicted on every face. Mr Grace was unflagging in his zeal to enhance to the highest extent the enjoyment of the visitors, and Mr Byass, whose toil was unremitting, could not leave his post throughout the day. The number of entries in many classes was not equal to that of previous years.

The railway arrangements at Shepparton especially were exceedingly imperfect, and are disgrace to the department. An enquiry should be held to ascertain where the blame lies. The following are the prize takers:

  • In the draught horse section the first prize takers were H. Grey, W. Henry, McCarrou, J.Morgan, A. Wishart, J. B, J. Bartrop, J. Barnes, O’Dea, McLeod Bros., and McMaster.
  • In thoroughbreds, M. Moylan, M. Stokes, D. Kennedy, W. Quirk, K. McIver, A.C. Mason, Campbell, G Gordon, J. Biggar and M. Grace took firsts, the latter securing champion for yearling filly.
  • For Hereford cattle D. Burgess and M. Stokes were successful, the latter scoring several wins. Ayrshires had numerous entries, W Thompson getting champion for his bull and four firsts. McLeod Bros of Toolamba, and C. Adams also did well.
  • Sheep made a good show. Edgar Worland taking champion in long wools. C.Raper took two firsts in the same section. In Southdowns no first was awarded, .C Raper taking second and G. Gordon was first in crossbreds. C. Raper carried all before him in merinos, and D. Gerphart and G. Lim-brink took firsts for fat sheep.
  • In class C for hackneys, hunters, &c, the following were placed first:–M. Moylan, J. T. Bedwell, J. Balchin, J Carlisle, C. Morrow, J. O’Connell, M. Ford, J. Ferguson, R. Jackson. Graham Bros, Morris and Son, and W.H. Enders.
  • In the high jumping contest Jack and Coliban tied at first place and divided the prize. This exhibition was very good.
  • John Spriggs and M. Gaffey took firsts in swine.
  • In dairy produce T. Early was first.
  • In bees the successful competitors were R. T. Gregson A. McKenzie, J. T. Adams, A. Hind D. Burgess.